Kitchen Experts for the Perfect Combinations of Design and Function


Builders and interior designers often tell their clients that there are two rooms in the home on which they should focus when investing in a new build or a renovation. You are much more likely to get a good return on investment from funds put into the kitchen and the bathroom. In addition to recouping this investment, a well-designed kitchen that’s beautiful and functional is an accurate reflection of how you live.

If you are an accomplished cook, for example, you will be best served by including a bit more in the budget for appliances and practicality while someone whose focus is on having guests and entertaining might put more emphasis on a wine cooler and a convenient pass-through from kitchen to gathering area. When you have a large family, you might plan for more seating and the tools needed to prepare larger meals. Whatever your specific needs, you’ll benefit from providing for a great kitchen.

It Looks Great

Naturally, your kitchen should be functional if you use it daily to prepare meals and as a gathering place for family and friends. But you can have this function combined with outstanding appearance when you work with specialists in designer kitchens in Wiltshire. As many designers and builders will advise, take time at the start to consider how you will use your kitchen and put your money where it will do the most to deliver what you want and need.

As you work toward a good plan for your new kitchen, think about your personal tastes as well as the practical use to which you’ll put your kitchen. For example, some homeowners will be happiest with a contemporary design. Perhaps you’ll opt for the clean and simple lines of a “handless” kitchen for the smoothest, uninterrupted look that still delivers the function you want.

If the overall finish of your kitchen is most important to you, talk with an experienced professional about a high-gloss kitchen with fitted appliances and granite or marble work surfaces. If this isn’t your preferred style, you might ask about a matte finish, which is subtle but still delivers an impact at first glance. For something a bit different, many homeowners have selected a traditional look with a Shaker kitchen in the classic style.

What Do You Value?

Considering this question from the beginning will help you and your design specialist determine where you can save money and where you should splurge just a bit. If you don’t need the absolute highest-end appliances, you might look at energy-efficient units with the best warranties. But you should always take care to choose dependable and well-constructed appliances, no matter the initial cost.

If this is going to be a working kitchen in which the need for countertop space is most important, you should allow for high-quality materials in these areas.