Creative Gardening and Landscaping for your Cayman Home

Creative Gardening and Landscaping for your Cayman Home


The Cayman Islands are renowned for their laidback attitude and a relaxed pace of life. Therefore, if you truly want to enjoy island living, then owning a residential property here is perhaps the best decision that you can make in your life. The islands comprising of Grand Cayman, which is the main island, and sister islands Cayman Brac along with Little Cayman already are home to people belonging to over 135 nationalities.

Besides, the greenery along with the flora and fauna of the Islands are truly unique in the world. Therefore, if you have a holiday home or you own residential property here, then a natural choice for you is to go for garden landscaping. Let us take a quick look at gardening and garden landscaping advice that can be of good use to your home or residential property in Cayman.

Why get creative!

A good garden not only enhances your home, but also improves the aesthetics and beauty of your residence. You can employ many garden landscaping techniques that can help you blend with the landscaping design with the house and not digress from it. Thus, when people pass by your house when you have done all the hard work, they will have no option left but to stop and admire it. I am sure that you too will enjoy your garden by spending many hours relaxing and admiring its beauty.

Fruit and shade trees

Since you will be entertaining guests in your garden as your favourite pastime, you will need to place more emphasis on you maintaining your garden along with implementing the right landscaping ideas.  Try to implement curves into your garden landscape design, which will not only help you to enhance the looks of your garden but also increase the overall value of your house.  A great idea is to plant many fruit and shade trees. These will not only give much needed shade from the tropical sun in Cayman but also provide fruits, which you can share with your friends and family. You can easily plant mango trees, plantains, star apples, fig trees, ackee trees, java plums, hybrid jujube, red and yellow plums, and others, which are easily procurable in Cayman.

Potted and Garden Plants

Go for a wide variety of garden plants which you can grow besides the lawns or next the garden paths. Add many varieties of potted plants so that your overall landscaping looks mature and appealing.Besides, try growing night jasmine,which adds fragrance to the immediate environment.

Creepers and Vines

Depending upon the location and setting of your home, you might want your garden to exude a country-like feel or perhaps a more urbane touch. For a more rustic feel, you can plant vines and creepers along wooden trellises. Besides serving as a functional element, they can double up as decorative elements as well. Alternatively, wrought iron trellises can look even grander.Opt for a unique looking pergola if your budget permits. Try growing plants like tabebuia, lantana, bromeliads, adenium and bougainvillea.  Vertical gardens with your favourite vines are a great idea!


Have you thought about growing vegetables in a designated garden area? You can easily grow tomatoes besides sweet potatoes, potatoes, and a variety of vegetables for salads and routine culinary uses.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

Adding natural and artificial lighting to your garden can do wonders for your garden landscaping. Colourful lighting combined with natural shadows not only looks brilliant but also can improve the tone, looks, and visual appeal of your garden.

Regular Maintenance

It is not essential that your garden landscaping project should take up a lot of your money or efforts.  You only need to be realistic about your plans and costs, which are easily miscalculated especially if you hire the service of a professional landscaping contractor. It is important to landscape only to the extent that you can maintain easily and without hassle. In case you feel that you are unable to cover your garden landscaping maintenance needs appropriately, then you can also examine the prospects of artificial lawns and artificial lawn maintenance.


Your garden maintenance plans all depend upon your ability to maintain it in the future. A good maintenance plan is also equally essential in the long term so that your efforts do not suffer. Otherwise, your landscape plans will end up in failure. Good luck with your garden maintenance plans!

Do-It-Yourself Concrete Contractor Work is a Do Not Try This at Home No-No

Many people are big fans of the annual talent shows like “America’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “The X Factor”, and the biggest of all, “American Idol”. One of the most exciting acts was aired this week on “America’s Got Talent 2016”. This was unusual because of the nature of the act and the age of the performer. The YouTube video of the act has had over a million hits in two days, so it is obviously popular.

The performer was 58, much older than the usual balancing act acrobat. After people begin to gain weight in odd places that can mess with their balance, and acquire some common sense, they know better than to try to walk a tightrope across a canyon. Evidently, this acrobat didn’t have a lot in the common sense category because he was showing the world his balancing act.

He began with the mandatory tightrope, suspended about 5 feet off the stage. Climbing atop the tightrope brought many of the audience to gasps, because of his advanced age. Then he began to add the scary parts. First, he placed a kitchen chair on top of the tightrope and climbed on top of it, balancing himself. His assistant handed him a chair and he balanced this chair on top of the former chair and balanced on the top of it. Was it mentioned that he was balancing on the backs of the chairs, not the stable seat?

As he began to wobble a little the audience began to cover their eyes as they didn’t want to see a horrible accident. The acrobat continued to tempt fate by climbing ever higher and adding more chairs until he reached his pinnacle, about 10 chairs tall and more than 20 feet into the air, all while balancing on the backs of ever-quivering chairs. Simon Cowell hid his eyes. Amanda appeared to be praying. Everyone waiting, holding their breath, until he safely descended the tower of chairs. Across thevideo was a strip of yellow tape with the words, “Do not try this at home.”

Do not try this at home.

This familiar phrase is appropriate for many situations, but none more apt than replacing your own driveway instead of hiring a well-reputed concrete contractor like Outdoor Construction Services. One of the most important factors in re-selling your home, according to realtors, is having a driveway that is in good repair. This is even more important than updating your second bathroom!

Whyis a good-looking driveway so important? Your driveway is the first surface of your home that prospective buyers touch. It shows the care and pride you have in the appearance of your home, and it also reflects if the maintenance and upkeep are a priority for the current owner. Installing new concrete, pavers, or a custom-inset stone driveway makes the house look modern and clean.

Give Your Home Exterior a Makeover with Decorative Concrete

Give Your Home Exterior a Makeover with Decorative Concrete

One thing that most homeowners would love to explore but feel they can’t quite afford is the enhancement of curb appeal. However, adding value to the outside of a home, such as to driveways, pathways, gardens, or patios, can be a lot less expensive than one might think.

Decorative concrete can be used very effectively for all of the aforementioned projects, and can even be custom-designed to make the concrete look like a stone of your choosing. Options include limestone, flagstone, slate, and more — at a fraction of the cost!

One of the first things people notice about your home is the driveway. A beautiful design outside your front door can display your pride in your home while also dramatically increasing its value. If you have ambitions of constructing a garden, think about how it would look with a durable and beautiful pathway. Paths leading from a front yard to a backyard, or to a deck or hot tub are also great-looking options to consider.

A backyard patio can be the best space to spend time on your entire property. Sitting amidst nature and enjoying a colourful view of shrubbery, flowers, and trees from a new patio is an ideal way to relax and unwind. If you have a pool, you might consider extending your patio to surround the pool. This is likely to give your entire backyard a makeover and turn it into a pleasant and lively outdoor space.

There are many types of concrete, including asphalt, in which different additives are used to create mixtures that strengthen it against harsh weather and increase its durability so that your patio or pathway can be as low-maintenance as possible. Additionally, stamped concrete is both environmentally friendly and versatile.

It can be made to look like brick, marbled stone, or wood with the expertise of professionals like those at Elite Concrete, while stains, dyes, and overlays will ensure that your home exterior is totally unique to your personal preferences.

Rather than using two or three different companies to get results, choose one that you trust. To make sure you develop your project in the most cost effective and long-lasting way possible, contact a reputable concrete contractor in Toronto. You’ll work with people that care about being reliable and timely, easy to communicate with, and well-informed, and receive one bill for all the different processes involved.

On top of everything that you as a homeowner endure during harsh winter weather, you don’t want to also have to worry about the maintenance of your driveway or patio. For the safest results, use Elite Concrete to ensure that your decorative concrete is properly sealed every three to five years, and rest easy knowing that the seal protects against slipperiness in every coat and keeps your home exterior at its finest. Remember that these materials are perfect not only for exterior use, but also for projects such as basement floors or verandas, where they are sure to last a lifetime.

Tips For Selecting The Best Garden Furniture

Most US homes are known for a fair bit of garden area between their building and plot perimeters, mostly fenced. In order to make use of the natural beauty that you have under ownership, a fair bit of relaxing furniture and arrangements to entertain guests, families and friends can be necessary. Garden furniture can be required by homeowners to be of large capacities, sometimes like those in a public hall.

Various requirements, tastes, party routines and events are factors that help you decide your favorite furniture items for the garden. Keep your furniture choices simple and easy to handle. Take care of ample protection against weather. You can avail compact garden furniture sets that can also include barbeque arrangements and open-air bars.

Before choosing your furniture, one of the important home-works is measuring your garden area. Some of the main corners where you might think of placing most of the furniture can be deciding factors when you choose your favorites in a store. Some of the other factors that you should note down include the colors of flowers, walls, structures and grass quality. Your garden surface area should also be noted down for convenience of the storekeepers.


The internet is useful for surfing amongst the various types of garden furniture, which vary in terms of color, material, dimensions, detachable parts, features and other details. Various online sources allow you to find quality furniture sets at nominal prices.

Find help amongst the different online furniture stores for consultation and increasing the chances of getting your money’s full worth from their services. Be specific with your needs while getting the experts’ opinions online. Certain materials may be unfriendly to heat and fires that can be present a part of an outdoor kitchen, commonly built in gardens.

Get a detailed idea about the prevalent styles available amongst garden furniture products in the market. Victorian styled furniture sets are common and they are found very suitable for American home gardens in general. Since neighborhood areas have a large portion of the garden areas, exposed, putting stylish elements in the garden definitely adds to the grandeur of homes.

Flimsy materials can be a good deal especially when you want them to be used in and out doors. Carrying them and using them in different parts of your garden can be quite easy and they usually come much cheaper than wrought iron, wooden or steel sets.

It is also useful to be on the lookout for additions and improvisations you can make to your favorite furniture sets in the garden. Improvising with colors, shapes and feel with cushions, light adjustments, shades, extendible or detachable parts and other elements can make for one of the best combinations to suit your garden.

Some of the home decor services avaiaalble in your area can prove to be particularly helpful for such ideas. However, be sure of the products and their qualities once you hire professional services, as they may be charging for services, besides the cost of good bought.

Sowing Seeds In Flower Garden

Sowing Seeds In Flower Garden

If you have ever dreamt of a colorful garden around your house, it is very easy to implement your dream into reality. The first step in cultivating your flower garden is to sow the seeds in the garden. There are just a few steps to be followed for having a proper germination in your garden. You have to handle and store the seeds very carefully, since they are living things. They may get damaged or deteriorate easily, if not handles carefully.

To sow the seeds in your flower garden, you will need the following things:

* Fresh stock of seeds
* Stakes for making the rows
* A string line for marking a straight line
* Slug and a snail bait for the germination of seeds and
* A rake.

Basic steps for sowing the seeds in flower garden

1. Firstly, prepare the soil where you have decided to plant your seeds. Dig it upto some level down and then enrich it by adding compost, manure, peat moss few days before you sow the seeds.

2. Water that area regularly and rake it so that is gets leveled properly. Assure that the soil is not sticky at the time of sowing the seeds.

3. Now using your string line mark a straight line and place a stake at each. This will let you know the starting and end point of the row.

4. Then with the help of a rake, start marking the rows like small grooves 2-4 cm deep

5. Now you can start sprinkling the seeds on these marked rows and slightly rake the soil on the top of the seed.

6. The seeds should be watered regularly for their proper growth. Take care that you do not walk on that area where the seeds are sown or else they will be destroyed.

7. After 2 to 3 weeks you will see the seeds appearing on the top of the soil. This time period also depends upon the seeds that you have sown.

8. Thin out the seedlings as and when needed.

Following these steps, you can easily sow the seeds in your flower garden and within a period of time, get delighted watching your colorful beautiful and garden

How to Make Your Home Garden Stylish

How to Make Your Home Garden Stylish

Every one loves natural surroundings at home or work place. Home gardening is a not a new trend, earlier people use to plant a small tree or lawn to make their surrounding greener. Now the trends have changed rapidly. Now people not only make a simple garden with few tree/plants or green grass but also make alive with proper planning based on the concept. Home gardening are design based on theme apart from traditional gardening such as vegetable gardening, fruit gardening, botanical gardening, herb gardening etc.Plan Your Home Garden.

It is essential to make proper planning to design specific types of home gardening. You have to have a primary drawing of your home landscaping. With an initial home garden plan, the next step is to choose tree, plants and lawn area of confined space. After making proper planning, get some estimated cost of gardening at home.

Budget for Home Gardening

Home Gardening needs proper planning like fertile fertile soil on the landscape, sitting area, where people get relax while looking at the garden, cost of plants, trees, pots, blocks for garden garden walkways. Also add maintenance.
Suitable Arrangements

You have to look at the outdoor spaces while planning for home gardens. It will improve the outlook of the garden and you feel better while moving around your home garden. It means perfect placement is essential in the garden.

Plant Your trees

Selection of the Trees depends on types of local atmosphere and your landscape area. You have two plants small or big tree according to your area. There are many types of plants available in the market. You need to contact home gardening contractor to get the details and know about whether the plants suitable for your climate condition.

Decorate garden

In many cities we normally see a home garden with proper outdoor lighting decoration. It looks good at night in case you are planning for night party at the garden.

Classic Sitting arrangements

It is up to you to select either wooden furniture or metal furniture based on your garden. There are many local online garden furniture stores provides various types of designed furniture.

Gardening is a passion, that everyone is not interested, because it needs hard work, money and continuous monitoring. The recent trends towards vegetable home gardening or fruit home gardening paved the way for new areas in home gardening. Hope every body wish to make their outdoor green.