Do-It-Yourself Concrete Contractor Work is a Do Not Try This at Home No-No


Many people are big fans of the annual talent shows like “America’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “The X Factor”, and the biggest of all, “American Idol”. One of the most exciting acts was aired this week on “America’s Got Talent 2016”. This was unusual because of the nature of the act and the age of the performer. The YouTube video of the act has had over a million hits in two days, so it is obviously popular.

The performer was 58, much older than the usual balancing act acrobat. After people begin to gain weight in odd places that can mess with their balance, and acquire some common sense, they know better than to try to walk a tightrope across a canyon. Evidently, this acrobat didn’t have a lot in the common sense category because he was showing the world his balancing act.

He began with the mandatory tightrope, suspended about 5 feet off the stage. Climbing atop the tightrope brought many of the audience to gasps, because of his advanced age. Then he began to add the scary parts. First, he placed a kitchen chair on top of the tightrope and climbed on top of it, balancing himself. His assistant handed him a chair and he balanced this chair on top of the former chair and balanced on the top of it. Was it mentioned that he was balancing on the backs of the chairs, not the stable seat?

As he began to wobble a little the audience began to cover their eyes as they didn’t want to see a horrible accident. The acrobat continued to tempt fate by climbing ever higher and adding more chairs until he reached his pinnacle, about 10 chairs tall and more than 20 feet into the air, all while balancing on the backs of ever-quivering chairs. Simon Cowell hid his eyes. Amanda appeared to be praying. Everyone waiting, holding their breath, until he safely descended the tower of chairs. Across thevideo was a strip of yellow tape with the words, “Do not try this at home.”

Do not try this at home.

This familiar phrase is appropriate for many situations, but none more apt than replacing your own driveway instead of hiring a well-reputed concrete contractor like Outdoor Construction Services. One of the most important factors in re-selling your home, according to realtors, is having a driveway that is in good repair. This is even more important than updating your second bathroom!

Whyis a good-looking driveway so important? Your driveway is the first surface of your home that prospective buyers touch. It shows the care and pride you have in the appearance of your home, and it also reflects if the maintenance and upkeep are a priority for the current owner. Installing new concrete, pavers, or a custom-inset stone driveway makes the house look modern and clean.