Creative Gardening and Landscaping for your Cayman Home



The Cayman Islands are renowned for their laidback attitude and a relaxed pace of life. Therefore, if you truly want to enjoy island living, then owning a residential property here is perhaps the best decision that you can make in your life. The islands comprising of Grand Cayman, which is the main island, and sister islands Cayman Brac along with Little Cayman already are home to people belonging to over 135 nationalities.

Besides, the greenery along with the flora and fauna of the Islands are truly unique in the world. Therefore, if you have a holiday home or you own residential property here, then a natural choice for you is to go for garden landscaping. Let us take a quick look at gardening and garden landscaping advice that can be of good use to your home or residential property in Cayman.

Why get creative!

A good garden not only enhances your home, but also improves the aesthetics and beauty of your residence. You can employ many garden landscaping techniques that can help you blend with the landscaping design with the house and not digress from it. Thus, when people pass by your house when you have done all the hard work, they will have no option left but to stop and admire it. I am sure that you too will enjoy your garden by spending many hours relaxing and admiring its beauty.

Fruit and shade trees

Since you will be entertaining guests in your garden as your favourite pastime, you will need to place more emphasis on you maintaining your garden along with implementing the right landscaping ideas.  Try to implement curves into your garden landscape design, which will not only help you to enhance the looks of your garden but also increase the overall value of your house.  A great idea is to plant many fruit and shade trees. These will not only give much needed shade from the tropical sun in Cayman but also provide fruits, which you can share with your friends and family. You can easily plant mango trees, plantains, star apples, fig trees, ackee trees, java plums, hybrid jujube, red and yellow plums, and others, which are easily procurable in Cayman.

Potted and Garden Plants

Go for a wide variety of garden plants which you can grow besides the lawns or next the garden paths. Add many varieties of potted plants so that your overall landscaping looks mature and appealing.Besides, try growing night jasmine,which adds fragrance to the immediate environment.

Creepers and Vines

Depending upon the location and setting of your home, you might want your garden to exude a country-like feel or perhaps a more urbane touch. For a more rustic feel, you can plant vines and creepers along wooden trellises. Besides serving as a functional element, they can double up as decorative elements as well. Alternatively, wrought iron trellises can look even grander.Opt for a unique looking pergola if your budget permits. Try growing plants like tabebuia, lantana, bromeliads, adenium and bougainvillea.  Vertical gardens with your favourite vines are a great idea!


Have you thought about growing vegetables in a designated garden area? You can easily grow tomatoes besides sweet potatoes, potatoes, and a variety of vegetables for salads and routine culinary uses.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

Adding natural and artificial lighting to your garden can do wonders for your garden landscaping. Colourful lighting combined with natural shadows not only looks brilliant but also can improve the tone, looks, and visual appeal of your garden.

Regular Maintenance

It is not essential that your garden landscaping project should take up a lot of your money or efforts.  You only need to be realistic about your plans and costs, which are easily miscalculated especially if you hire the service of a professional landscaping contractor. It is important to landscape only to the extent that you can maintain easily and without hassle. In case you feel that you are unable to cover your garden landscaping maintenance needs appropriately, then you can also examine the prospects of artificial lawns and artificial lawn maintenance.


Your garden maintenance plans all depend upon your ability to maintain it in the future. A good maintenance plan is also equally essential in the long term so that your efforts do not suffer. Otherwise, your landscape plans will end up in failure. Good luck with your garden maintenance plans!