Sowing Seeds In Flower Garden


If you have ever dreamt of a colorful garden around your house, it is very easy to implement your dream into reality. The first step in cultivating your flower garden is to sow the seeds in the garden. There are just a few steps to be followed for having a proper germination in your garden. You have to handle and store the seeds very carefully, since they are living things. They may get damaged or deteriorate easily, if not handles carefully.

To sow the seeds in your flower garden, you will need the following things:

* Fresh stock of seeds
* Stakes for making the rows
* A string line for marking a straight line
* Slug and a snail bait for the germination of seeds and
* A rake.

Basic steps for sowing the seeds in flower garden

1. Firstly, prepare the soil where you have decided to plant your seeds. Dig it upto some level down and then enrich it by adding compost, manure, peat moss few days before you sow the seeds.

2. Water that area regularly and rake it so that is gets leveled properly. Assure that the soil is not sticky at the time of sowing the seeds.

3. Now using your string line mark a straight line and place a stake at each. This will let you know the starting and end point of the row.

4. Then with the help of a rake, start marking the rows like small grooves 2-4 cm deep

5. Now you can start sprinkling the seeds on these marked rows and slightly rake the soil on the top of the seed.

6. The seeds should be watered regularly for their proper growth. Take care that you do not walk on that area where the seeds are sown or else they will be destroyed.

7. After 2 to 3 weeks you will see the seeds appearing on the top of the soil. This time period also depends upon the seeds that you have sown.

8. Thin out the seedlings as and when needed.

Following these steps, you can easily sow the seeds in your flower garden and within a period of time, get delighted watching your colorful beautiful and garden