Stylish Flooring Options on a Budget


Flooring is most important and one of the costliest affairs to handle while doing interiors. It can either make or break the look of your rooms and at the same time it should be of good quality too. Now, if you need something that is high on style but at the same time is pocket friendly then you can look out for some mentioned in this article. 

Ceramic tiles

You can use Porcelain tiles but compared to them ceramic tiles are cheaper. They are made from brown or red clay. 


  • They are available in different patterns, styles and colors. With glazed and unglazed finishes they give you different stylish options. 
  • Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain for a long time. 


  • As ceramic tiles are not burned on high temperature the unglazed tiles are porous. They have a tendency of absorbing moisture that may lead to staining. 
  • They are good for medium to low footfalls because they are very fragile and may get cracked quickly. 

Laminate flooring

In order to enhance the look of your rooms, laminate flooring is a great option. It gives a wooden look and at the same time is quite budget friendly. 


  • Laminate floors are of light weight and installing is easy and simple. They can be installed over any existing flooring or even concrete floor. 
  • Laminate floors are available in different colors that give a different finish to the room décor. 
  • They are scratch resistant and easy to maintain. 


  • In areas that are moisture laden laminate flooring may not do well. They may absorb moisture and lose their luster. Once they are damaged you cannot repair them. You have to replace the total flooring. 

Vitrified tiles

Amongst many other choices, Vitrified tiles is a good choice for flooring within budget. 


  • Vitrified tiles are string and hard. They are resistant to scratches and stains. You can also apply them for cleaning.
  • These tiles are also available in different sizes and colors. The finish may match those of marble, granite or any other look. 
  • They can withstand heavy foot traffic as they are very hard. 


  • When the tiles are wet they become slippery. One needs to be very careful then. 

When it comes to stylizing your rooms you can choose any of the above options. Just remember that whichever you choose will require maintenance and then they will last long.