Alternative solutions with furniture disposal


If you are splashing out on new items of furniture for some of us the big question is what to do with the old stuff? If you have decorated a room and are replacing a sofa or table and chairs with new ones it can be hard knowing what to do with the old stuff. Well what do you do? If you want a fast and reliable service the first choice but costly is to hire a professional clearance company to deal with your unwanted things. These are the experts and regardless of what condition they will be able to either pass it on to a needy charity or recycle it. You can guarantee they will recycle it.

 Take a look and ask yourself is it worth passing on to others?

If your furniture is old and worn out, then it is better to get rid of it. Disposing of lager furniture items is harder than normal household rubbish removals. You will need to take it to the local dump and check with the assistants that it is ok to be left there. These local council run dumps take most things, and will recycle them as needed. Other than that if you have tons of stuff then you could arrange skip hire and simply load it and call when it is full and the company will arrange a collection and sort the rubbish disposal. It is costly and only good if you have a lot of things to dump.

Alternative ways to disposing of old furniture, try selling

Your furniture may be in a reasonable condition and if you prefer to cut costs on your new purchases then selling your unwanted and older things is a good idea. Retrieving some money back is a good help for most people when having something new. There are many ways to sell furniture from local papers, and notice boards in newspapers, or online selling sites such as eBay. You do need to state what type of condition it is in for the potential buyer. So if you have a table and chairs that has several scratches then it is worth mentioning to interested buyers or stating in the advertisement.

Giving your unwanted things to someone that needs it

If you are felling generous ask people you know if they are interested in your unwanted furniture. Family or friends may be strapped for cash and be grateful for some freebies, especially furniture as it is a costly game when it comes to furnishing a flat or house when you are starting out.

  There is always someone that might need a sofa, wardrobe or table and chairs etc and will find it a help to furnish a new home. Giving is a good deed and you will know it has gone to a good home, and that person will get additional use from it. Even if it needs a good clean or a lick of paint some are happy to refurbish an older item and give it new life.


As well as giving to family and friends you could give it to local charities. There are a lot of them about and you can arrange to drop it off or to be collected. There are many needy organizations that are happy to take your unneeded things off your hands and help others or raise money for charities. Even placing adverts in local papers free if collected will likely get rid of a piece of furniture you do not want any more!