Find The Best Patio Furniture For Your Garden Décor

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If you want to festoon your garden with some chic looking patio furniture then you first need to know which material would suit your garden the most, and more importantly which material would brave the elements? There are many of us who also consider the overall look of the furniture, how attractive it is, and whether it adds to the style quotient of your garden, while others also look for its durability, how new it looks over a period of time, whether its pocket friendly, and easy to maintain.

So, while you are out for some outdoor furniture shopping, you should make the best buying decision by analyzing the characteristics of each material and what’s good and bad about it. It’s better to do some garden furniture compare based on the material, before you make the final decision.

Patio furniture is usually made of four major types of materials such as, wood, metal, wicker, and plastic. If you have an inclination for a décor filled with natural stuff, wood is your best option. Considering that they will be placed outdoors they will sustain the heat from the direct sunlight very well, as wood does not heat up like other materials. However, during the monsoons and the winter season, you have to keep them inside to avoid wearing off. Make sure that you paint them often and take care of the finish to prevent moisture retention and rotting.

Steel and Aluminum are the two types of materials used for the manufacturing of metal based furniture. While steel is enduring and can sustain climate change effectively, aluminum also does not corrode or give off colors. Another advantage of using steel furniture is that they are available in array of colors, and can up that style quotient of your garden in no time.

However, if you do some garden furniture compare you will find that steel does not last long and aluminum tends to be expensive compared to others based on the quality. Steel can be washed with soap and water easily, and can be protected from rusting by applying a coat of liquid wax, while you can store your aluminum furniture indoors to prevent discoloration.

Furniture made of wicker, on the other hand, are lightweight and yet long-lasting. However, their garden furniture sets can be expensive. The ones that are water-resistant can be washed easily with soap and water, while liquid wax can form a protective layer for the non-water-resistant wicker furniture. Plastic among all the materials is the least expensive available in different colors, light weight and hence, easy to carry, and can be easily stored and washed. However, they are susceptible to climate change and hence do not last long. You need to store them indoors so that they do not fade and warp.

Therefore, before you make that ultimate purchasing decision for your patio furniture, do some garden furniture compare based on your requirements and considering all the factors to ensure that you live large outdoors with the best furniture.