Easy Diy Renovation Hacks for Your Kitchen


For many people, a kitchen is where they love to spend the time the most, and for good reason too. After all, that’s the place where you reheat your leftovers as the kids come running home after school, famished and tired.

One way to maintain this space of your dreams is by renovation, but this may cost you a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are some stylish DIY clever hacks we have in mind that will come at a fraction of the market cost and still fake your way to a newly renovated kitchen.

Get rid of the clutter

Allowing things that your toddler used could pile up and reduce the kitchen space. Just dispose of stuff you will need even if you are emotionally attached to them.

Additionally, things you don’t need will add to the clutter, and put things you need in their designated places to allow you ample room for cooking on your appliances.

Remodel the flooring

DIY-friendly flooring can save you a lot of money. The best option is laminate flooring as it is available in a wide range and is a good kitchen performer which can mimic most floorings like wood, ceramic, stone, and other premium coverings.

Kitchen Flooring

If you can afford a little bit more, consider water-resistant laminate which can withstand standing water for even 24 hours without any ill effects.

Arranging cabinets

This is perhaps the most important part of setting up your kitchen so be sure to manage this bit well. You need to draw out where you want your upper cabinets and they need to be placed first (before placing lower cabinets). Spacing should be accurate and they should be hung on wall studs.

Arranging cabinets

Always look for discounts

Bargains, discounts, deals and garage sales are all the rage plus there is always Ikea. Do your due diligence and hunt for best deals as a kitchen remodel can be an expensive affair. So wherever you can, try and cut costs.

These are the first few tips you need to keep in mind but a kitchen remodel is no easy job so seek professional help when you can.