Where Do I Start When Decluttering My Kitchen?


Even the tidiest kitchens often have some secret cupboards filled with things that aren’t needed anymore, so having a good declutter can create a lot more space and result in you finding things you’d forgotten you even owned. Whether you want to clear your house out in order to sell, or you purely want to make more space for yourself, we buy any home have got some helpful suggestions.

  1. What gets used?

There are plenty of things in a kitchen that gets used daily, like the kettle, the toaster, and the hob – but there are also items that don’t get used regularly that are still taking up surface space. Electronics like sandwich toasters, blenders, or slow cookers, are probably not used daily, so they can be put away to make your kitchen look more spacious.

When moving things around, you should also test them to make sure that they work, as if they don’t, they can be thrown out. If you haven’t used the appliances for a while, there is a chance that they’re broken, so make sure you switch them on to find out. Similarly, if you have things that you haven’t used in a long time, you can ask yourself if you need them or if you could get rid of them to give yourself more storage space for other things that you do use regularly.

  1. How much do you really need?

In bigger families, having several pots and pans is completely understandable as you’re making more food and will therefore need more space. However, in homes with only a few members, you’ll often find that you’ve got way more utensils than you really need. If you have a set of five pans and you know that you only ever use three, what’s the point of keeping the others?

Assess what you use on a day-to-day basis and anything that you don’t, you can look at getting rid of. Don’t feel like you have to get rid of every single thing you don’t use often, but consider which are likely to be used in the next month or so, and then decide if you really need to keep it or not.

  1. Sort through the food cupboards

Most food cupboards have got items at the back that have been forgotten about and have been there for much longer than we care to admit, so having a good thorough sort-out every now and again will catch these items and get them out of your kitchen so you can have more space.

Date-check everything that you’ve got and get rid of anything that’s out of date or hasn’t been opened and has obviously been in there for a long time. You can also get rid of the dregs of anything that tend to hide in cupboards, too – odds and ends in the spice rack that you don’t reach for or old tins of soups that you don’t actually like.

  1. Start using organisers

Over the last year, we’ve seen more and more kitchen organisers being developed, from clear tubs in the fridge to labelled boxes in cupboards that clearly divide your items up. These organisers are great as they show you exactly what you have and haven’t got, making life a lot easier when you open the cupboard and want to see what you’ve got before writing your shopping list.

Getting clear organisers will make it easier to see what’s in each of them, and you can pick these up very cheaply in most supermarkets. This not only shows you what you’ve got at a glance but will also reduce the risk of you forgetting about things that get pushed to the back of the cupboard, meaning you use everything that you’ve got and waste less.

  1. Tackle the junk drawer

Almost every kitchen has got one – a drawer that things get shoved in to get them off the side – very much a case of out of sight, out of mind. These drawers are a nightmare, however, as when it becomes full, it can spread to another, and then another, resulting in a huge amount of clutter that you don’t need and realistically doesn’t even belong in the kitchen.

Sort through this drawer (or cupboard, depending on your kitchen layout) and get rid of anything that you don’t really want or don’t recall ever putting in the drawer. You’ll probably find all sorts of stuff when you do this clear out, but try not to get distracted and stick to the task at hand. You can make a good amount of space when you do this that can be used for the things that you do want to keep, where you can store them in a more organised fashion.

Most of the time, we don’t realise how cluttered our kitchens are until we start to have a clear out, so while you might not think that you’ve got anything to get rid of, you might surprise yourself!