Driveway Safety. Run Over Nothing, No More


Whilst most people think of driving safety as only applying to the roads, it is important to remember that driveways can present a number of hazards. Failing to take note of these hazards can result in accidents and injuries. However, there is no need to panic because driveway safety is relatively simple. This guide contains a few cardinal rules which should be followed in order to keep the driveway as safe as possible. Read on to find out more.

Fill In Potholes

A cracked and potholed driveway can be dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, people may trip and fall if their feet catch on broken bits of tarmac or asphalt driveway. These falls only result in cuts and bruises for most people, but elderly or disabled people are at risk of breaking their bones from even the most innocuous looking trip.

Fill in the driveway relaid if any cracks or potholes appear. Exposure to the elements including heavy rain and high temperatures will make driveways more susceptible to damage. Professional driveway constructors will repair damage and make the drive look brand new.

Maintain Car Suspension

Cars with faulty suspension or damaged brake handles are susceptible to rolling back and into the road. This is especially true if the driveway is on a gradient. Runaway cars may crash into traffic or run people over. Car suspension and brake handles should be regularly tested to prevent rollbacks from occurring.

Any problems with suspension or brakes should be fixed as soon as possible, no matter how innocuous the issues seem. Failing to address these problems could result in serious accidents.

Instead of parking on the driveway, put the car in the garage or park it on the road outside the house if there is enough space.

Don’t Block The Entrance

Driveways should be kept clear at all times. Bikes and other toys should be kept in the garage and not be left lying on the drive. These obstacles can cause accidents if the car runs over them. Don’t block the driveway with bins – instead keep them in the back yard.

Don’t Reverse Into A Busy Road

Backing out into a busy road where the view is obstructed can be extremely dangerous. Always reverse into the driveway when parking the car. Parking this way will give maximum visibility when it is time to leave again.

Cut Back Hedges Which Obstruct The View Of The Road

Hedges and branches can become overgrown to the point where they make it hard to see oncoming traffic. Regular trimming will keep hedges and branches in order. Overhanging tree branches should be cut down in order to prevent them from falling down and damaging the car.

Clear Up Oil Spillages

Spilt oil and other chemicals can cause cars to skid when they are on the driveway. Clean the drive with pressure washers to get rid of any hazardous stains.

Follow this guide to make sure that the drive is kept safe at all times.